Post-BREAK UP guidelines !

SO we all have had our share’s of going through the traumatic experience of our very first heart-break. It is neither a good or bad feeling. Break up’s are tough but here is a guideline to help you over come this poignant moment.

  • The most cliché tag line is ” It wasn’t your fault “ which is true , but when you’re feeling as if your heart has been ripped apart , it’s kind of hard not to believe it. SO instead get a piece of paper and write down how you feel , this will enable you to overcome those feelings and clear your head.It will help with understanding the entire situation.
  • Comfort eating. A girl’s one way ticket to overcoming break up’s 101. There is no doubt that we don’t do it but i suggest a good tub of ice cream , a best friend or even your mom or dog to cuddle  and a really good movie to get your mind off of things.
  • Be careful of who you tell the situation too. Some people just love to gossip and this could make things worse. Especially when people try give advice knowingly that you’re not in a good state of mind.
  • Most people say don’t speak to the person afterwards – However you do need some clarity , but ONLY if it wasn’t specified when you were discussing ( don’t want you to seem needy now do we)
  • MAKE YOURSELF FEEL GOOD ! Whether it be going out on the Town or just a quick trip to get some new clothes. It’s so important to dress well and feel good because what better way to gain confidence.
  • Always remember chipped nails don’t look good – don’t let one man ruin aka a chipped nail ruin who you are . You can always get it fixed by getting a new set of nails !

Hopefully this will help with all those girls’ with PBU !


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