AESTHETICS adj. concerned with beauty or appreciation of beauty.

The most beautiful things that come into our lives aren’t always the most appealing thing to the eye. It all depends if you are able to see past it and reach its golden ore of beauty.

The most unusual thing to appreciate is yourself. I highly doubt any of us take a moment to actually consider ourselves as beautiful or at least pretty. You could be rocking a sweat pants , plain t-shirt , greasy hair and still be beautiful.

Clothes are some what a trigger for beauty’s latest trends , most expensive item , who’s wearing what. It’s quite a vicious world out there and not to mention the pricing on some of these items! Whether you be male or female you’re always going to try compete with other’s , its honestly more like ” Keeping up with Society” because seasons change and so do people. We are a practical example of how we constantly are searching for something that keeps us happy may it be tangible or not – it’s still something.

The idea of us having someone to talk to us is quite the norm but it’s actually the fact that we need to talk to someone to reassure us of our existence.

Quite deep isn’t it.

Facing an everyday ordeal and fighting the latest trends are making us consume so much time to become beautiful that we forget to look within ourselves for we are the real Beauty.



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