It’s just a stepping stone

Have you ever loved something so much that it feels as if you’ve given them your soul wholeheartedly.

It’s beyond my amazement how we can cherish and love something so dearly yet we never know if they will treat us the same way or hurt us. Pain comes in many forms and it doesn’t necessarily have to be about something big but something close to you that makes  your heart sinks in a little.

I recently saw an imagine that said " You don't know real pain until you're standing in front of the mirror begging yourself to pull yourself together and be strong"

That is pain that one cannot fathom , one doesn’t know how to control – Pain either makes you or breaks you it will define who you really are as a person.

In order to understand and appreciate happiness we have to experience the harsh reality and sometimes that could be a long journey. Sometimes people have to grow up at a young age because certain circumstances permit that because you cannot force yourself to live a bubble when the harsh , gruesome world is knocking at your backdoor.

Taking chance’s is what life is about. Sometime’s falling in love could be a trap or set yourself up for a heartbreak in the making .

We live in a world full where pain is a stepping stone to eternal happiness.


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