When life gives you lemons …

I honestly am not one who is into the organic lifestyle and perhaps should start looking into it. One of the most incredible thing’s i have come across is the multiple uses of Lemon Juice. 

Who would have thought that this could have many uses , clearly not me.

Lemon juice is very acidic and can be used to help you and your body in many ways without the cost of spending a fortune.

  • If you suffer from acne and have some scarring of the tissue  ; which isn’t going away as fast as you planned. Well then a good ‘ol Lemon juice could just do the trick. I have tried and trust me it does wonders. If you apply the freshly cut lemon onto your skin – perhaps do it in the evening’s let it set into the skin. Lemon Juice is acidic and has a pH of 4 so if visible in sunlight it could cause more scarring ( something we don’t want )
  • THE B WORD. Yes it’s B L O A T E D   we all go through a stage where we literally feel we as if we are a balloon walking around the town. But never fear there is a solution for that – sliced lemon in boiling water. Healthy yet effective. 
  • THE BEST ONE YET ! It helps lose weight , by having a cup a day could help you shed a few pounds here and there .

Obviously there are other uses but these are just a few !

A lemon a day , makes the bad things away.


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