It is beyond my amusement how something just as small can , make you fall in love.

Love is a deadly act. It can either break you or make you  , it’s clichè but the idea behind it remains true. Honestly sometimes just falling in love with a cute dog and a good cup of coffee will do the trick and especially for anyone who is having a rough day ; although these things have to come to an end its due time ( quite an anticlimax if i do say so myself)

You probably were thinking this was going to be very emotional and profound , it has that essence to it but really love cannot be subjected to just humans but rather every other thing that is existent on Planet Earth.

However i do have to say ( just as a tip/advice/my thought) real love isn’t the type where your heart skips a beat , the continuation of butterflies or the constant shyness ; but its feeling stronger and confident when they surround you, they fix a damaged wound by leaving a mark of themselves onto you – no you’re not voldemort who can leave a lightning scar and a bit of his soul in you – but you can make them remember how good it feels to be happy.

Enough with the profound talk and down to the real deal : books and dogs. Honestly i could go on for days with my obsession with those little balls of fury. They have an unbreakable vow of to always love you no matter what. BUT LET US NOT FORGET THE REAL LOVE WHICH IS ” THE BOY WHO LIVED” ah yes Harry Potter has taken my soul by how incredible it is.

Love does wonders in its own ways but at least you can look back and say :




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