2017 has been half a year full of adventures and definitely a lot of change for some of those out there. Many of us have started our journey in all aspects whether it be in terms of school , work or University. My journey began with the transition from a High School Matriculate to First year student , during the course of these 6 months i have experienced many adventures some good and bad.


  • University has its up and downs but I think the hardest thing was to make friends at the beginning of it all. Obviously i knew some people from High school who made the experience less nerve-wracking , however, breaking that barrier was pretty intense. Luckily i found some confidence to do this and found a friend in my Criminology class , by just speaking and praying this person wouldn’t be as shy. If i didn’t break that awkward tension i had been building up , i probably would have never landed with a group of friends i get to call my own little family.
  • THE LECTURES  they were interesting and probably got my attention because I was still a newbie ( and because i had no proper friends lol ) however the way in which it was presented was so refreshing , i was always eager to attend. As time went by so did my interest in these lectures , but i still attended . Only really to attend my Law lectures because i actually needed to get  a degree.
  • In pamphlets they show you how beautiful their campuses are and what they have to offer , but they never tell you about the amount of walking required. THE AMOUNT OF WALKING IS JUST WTF! It’s a package deal get a degree and lose some weight while you at it. Obviously Howard College isn’t as big as other universities but let me just say : everyone who doesn’t do Engineering knows the struggle of walking from one side of the University just to the Engineering side. It seems like it isn’t that far but trust me it’s a mission. Sometimes you’d take on the risk of walking the distance to play a game of Pool.
  • University is a place where you gain knowledge , one place to find solitude and actually study is the good ‘ol L I B R A R Y . But the library’s plays a cute little game with us students called ” try finding a seat at a table ” Honestly it is the worst thing when you go in , hoping you’d find a table that is free. Sometime’s when you go in with a group of friends and you catch one lonely soul taking up an entire table , which you don’t join because you can’t leave one member of your group behind. When a library says no eating so you take it up as a challenge and sometimes succeeding , or you either get caught amidst the act – the one member tries to justify it but you still end up being thrown out the library. BUT HOW CAN I FORGET THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR OF THEM ALL : SWIPING INTO THE LIBRARY WITH YOUR STUDENT CARD. You’re probably thinking why is this so important well when that thing tells you your card is misread – you question your card and you feel a sense of tension building up as you know the people behind you are judging you because you can’t do a basic thing which is swipe a card.
  • Lastly, the never-ending questions of ” So how long is your degree ? ” , ” Oh so what are you going to branch into ? ” the joke that died 20 million years ago which is ” Your studying law so you must be a good liar *inserts adults laughter *”  LIKE I JUST STARTED LET ME GET COMFORTABLE.

University needs a survival guide with everything happening all at once , but I can reassure you – if you have good friends you’re all on this wild , mad experience together !



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