There are many things in this world that do not get the recognition and appreciation that they deserve. WE say that we believe that ‘  the little things matter’ however to what extent do these ‘ little things ‘ reach ?

A few weeks ago I stayed at the Berg and i have never seen so many stars flourish the night sky. It was an unbelievable view because it was just yourself connecting to nature, there were no city lights to hide nature’s natural gems. We forget how beautiful a night full of stars can be , sometimes the only way to remember is to exclude ourselves from our constant , unchangeable lifestyle and make a break for it.

For some people a sky full of stars is just there and has no meaning to them whatsoever, but , to others it could mean happiness and faith. You’re probably wondering how  be affiliated with the terms of happiness and faith well there’s a lot to it actually.

Sometimes the stars can represent something  beyond the human eye. Stars are just something you cannot stop but admire because their beauty never lessens . There is always a sign of hope/faith in relation to them. The stars can resemble this ideology of faith/hope because no matter where you are situated you might be in a luxurious estate or in a rural village – these stars are situated in the same sky and that you never truly are separated but we as humans create this division by creating categories. This goes hand-in-hand with the concept of the moon.

I, personally have an undying fascination with the moon. Merely because we are just like the moon. Sometimes we hide ourselves and other times we become a full moon and let the universe know our beauty radiates as we shine. Some of us never understand how to appreciate our flaws and to accept that it is okay and doesn’t make you look less of a person. Just like the moon as its crates and we have our hidden flaws or scars it still becomes something beautiful. It takes yourself as a person to understand the most beautiful things in world can be seen through your very own eyes.

Whether it be a thunderstorm , clear sky full of stars or sunny day – you will always find happiness , if you just look deeper.

” A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking because her trust is not in the branch, but in her own wings”

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